Residential Locksmith Services

Residential Locksmith Services for Umina, Woy Woy, Ettalong and neighbouring Suburbs


Do you need a Residential Locksmith?

Matt Bell’s Locksmith services offers a Residential Locksmith Service for Umina, Woy Woy, Ettalong, Blackwall and Booker Bay.  Local clients are Matt Bell preferred customer base as it enables a very quick, reliable and high quality service given her is based on the peninsula Central Coast.  But Matt will travel to other suburbs on the Central Coast especially for referred jobs from his clients.  So if you issue or problem is not an emergency then let Matt Bell known and he can schedule your job in accordingly.


Not all jobs are an emergency, including lockouts. Lockout can occur during the day as well as night or weekends.  Some clients can wait where others cannot wait.  These clients can call Matt Bell and ask for his Residential Locksmith service.  The Residential Lockout service will still be efficient and reliable but scheduled around mutual times for both the client and Matt’s availability.  Our Residential Lockout Service is reasonably priced by industry standards as Matt Bell focuses on local clients.

Repairs & Replacements

Matt Bell’s Residential Locksmith services includes broken locks.  He can repair of replace broken locks as part of his daily service.  The Residential Locksmith Services are fast and efficient given Matt Bell has a mobile locksmith shop inside his van.  Matt carries a wide range of locks and parts as well as the equipment and machinery to provide a high quality service.  He charges prices for his repair & replacement locksmith services that are considered very reasonable and fair by his clients. 


This is a common problem found with our Residential Locksmith Services.  We fix the locks for clients but they do not know where ALL of the keys are located.  Overtime, keys may end up with people you no longer have any association with.  Are these people trustworthy and safe.  In such instances, the Matt Bell’s Residential Locksmith Services can Replace a lock or Rekey a lock.  The simplest option is to Rekey the Lock if its not broken.  Rekeying is the process of pulling the lock apart, replacing parts (the tumblers) inside to match existing keys.

Keyed Alike

Keying Locks and Keys is complex and with a number of options to consider.  Matt Bell’s Residential Locksmith Service provides a Keyed Alike or Keyed Different solutions.  Keyed Alike is the simplest Residential Locksmith solution where one key fits all locks.  For example, one key can be used in the house, garange or gates.  Matt can cut you many keys the same.  Keyed Different is when the relationship is 1 key to 1 lock.  Note, for Keyed Alike all of the locks must be compatible.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Residential Locksmith Service Testimonials

It was very easy to book an appointment.  Matt Bell’s Residential Locksmith service was reliable and a good price.  I lost a key and needed a new one to be configured for my garage workshop.  Given Matt is close and based in Umina the service was excellent as he could schedule the appointment around my availability.  Matt opened the lock in no time and cut & fitted another key in no time”. 

Greg Page


Had the shits and snapped the key while in a rush.  Matt Bell was able to remove the key and open the lock in limited time.  Matt bell’s Residential Locksmith service was fast as he is based in Umina.  Not too far from Ettalong.  Matt cut my key to fit the lock in his van which doubles as a mobile shop,  and was on his way.  I was really surprised how quick, efficient and reasonably priced Matt was for this job”

Don Smith



For an Residential Locksmith Service, we know the value of reliable and a good priced

An Residential Locksmith Service must operate within the local region of Umina, Woy Woy, Ettalong and neighbouring suburbs.  You must offer a high quality service at a reasonable price.  The locals will refer you to their friends but will also tell the world if they don’t trust you or consider your services poor or overpriced.  Contact us to see.

Read more about our Residential Locksmith Umina, Woy Woy & Ettalong
Read more about our Residential Locksmith Umina, Woy Woy & Ettalong

Other Services

Emergency Locksmith

Some jobs cannot be performed during the weekday.  Emergency Lockouts occur at the most inconvenient times of night or weekends.  Matt Bell’s Emergency Locksmith service operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year.  Matt Bell is a trusted member of the peninsula community for over the last 30 years.


Commercial Locksmith

Matt Bell’s Locksmith offers a commercial services for properties during the day.  He offers a full mechanical locksmith service to commercial properties during the day.  His commercial locksmith service is based on the peninsula but Matt will travel to all parts of the central coast if booked in advance.


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