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What We Do

We Are A Full Service Locksmith Shop

But we focus only on traditional mechanical locksmith services (NOT & electrical systems).  We offer an emergency call-out service, residential and commercial locksmith services.  We do not offer a security systems, CCTV or automobile locksmith services.

In General

What is a Locksmith

A Locksmith installs and repairs the mechanical and electronic security products.  This includes the keys, locks and any hardware associated with the lock.

Does a Locksmith have to be qualified?

Yes, a Locksmith requires a Locksmith License if working for a company.  The Master Locksmith also needs a Master License if they have people working underneath their company and directions.

What qualities does a Locksmith need?

A Locksmith needs to be qualified with a recognised certification and have a license number.  A licenses locksmith does not have any criminal records too.  A good locksmith accepts their work and has proven results.  They provide the necessary guarantees and warranties for their products used and services & workmanship delivered.

How do you become Locksmith?

A Locksmith must attend a recognised course at TAFE in the Certification III, Mechanical Trade in Engineering (Locksmith).  This is a course and apprenticeship over 4 years.  To work as a locksmith under a license then a police security check must be cleared.

Should I ask a Locksmith for proof?

Yes.  A locksmith must show their Locksmith License and in some cases a master License on request by clients.  These documents are issued by the NSW State Government.  The License numbers should be displayed on all advertisements and websites.

Service Related

Lockout Services

We offer an emergency and standard lockout service.  We operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year (except on a leap year).  But do not trust anyone who offers 24 / 7 (as this means 24 divided by 7)!

Can you cut keys with a mobile service?

Yes, our vans are mobile workshops fitted out with all the equipment needed to operate as a Locksmith.  Our keys cover a very broad range of locks including old designs and the newer modern designs.

How can I consolidate my keys?

Yes, a Locksmith can shave keys so you have a master key.  The underlying principle is if the key fits easily into the lock.  The key or the lock’s pins can be reset allowing the key to be turn

What to do when you loose keys?

The easiest and most practical option is to call a locksmith to come to the house.  The locksmith can replace or rekey your residential or commercial property.    Or you can bring the locks to our workshop to have the cylinders replaced.

Do you sell deadlocks?

Yes.  We stock many different types, brands and models and deadlocks to meet your requirements


What is a lockout

As the name implies, when you are lockout of your property.  A lockout can be caused by keys locked inside, lost keys, or the lock has broken down and failed.  A Locksmith is able to open the lock to enter the property and create new keys.

What is to Fit Keys?

The existing lock remains in place and keys are defined to fit the combination of the lock.

What is to ReKey?

A locksmith will reconfigure the lock by changing the settings of the pins.  Pins are the combination inside the lock.  A Locksmith will have to cut new keys in the case of rekey locks.  And rekey locks need new keys to prevent old keys from being able to open the lock.

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